First Consultation/Employees

Sometimes employees need to get prompt and reliable advice about problems in the workplace. Problems may occur suddenly or they may grow over time. Whatever the issue, the problem has to be “nipped in the bud” and resolved in order to restore self-confidence and to reduce unneeded stress. In serious circumstances, employees are compelled to get an opinion on what to do when their job suddenly comes to an end.

We provide a confidential consultation service on employment issues to help you make the right choices in your personal circumstances. No two cases are the same; therefore, the best advice is to get legal advice from someone who is trained in employment and labour matters, someone who understands your concerns with the experience necessary to assist you and help you get through a trying time.

Our fee for employment consultations is only $300 plus H.S.T. You will meet with us for approximately one hour. We will listen to your concerns and review a simple questionnaire you will answer in the privacy of our offices. We will discuss your case with you and provide you our best advice regarding the circumstances you present to us.

Should we continue to act for you, we will discuss your legal options, the steps we can take on your behalf and provide you with an understanding of further legal costs necessary in bringing your matter to proper closure.

We look forward to working with you.